Hotel webdesign trends 2020

hotel web design trend 2020

2020 is coming. We are just 2 months behind the year 2020. As a news year will appear new trends of everything will appear. Web design is not out of that.

Today we will be discussing the web design trends 2020 of hotel websites.

Travel type base niche purpose imagery

Nowadays in a maximum of hotel website specifications of different kinds of rooms are exhibited with image and textual description. All most all hotels segregate their rooms into some common classifications like Classic Rooms, Delux Rooms, Executive Rooms, Executive suites e.t.c. All most all hotels exhibit these rooms with images and corresponding texts. The specialties of the rooms or suites are described in the texts.

In 2020 many hoteliers projected their rooms on the basis of different purposes e.g. for business travelers, leisure travelers.

Though the categories of their offered rooms will remain the same, only the way of projection will be changed.

The application of large banners describing the USP of a room will rise. The text will be used only to describe the detail features, which are very common.

Font style

font style

Application of font style largely depends on the type of viewers of a website and the type of a business as well as it's branding. In the case of hotel websites, the application of particular types of fonts will be used in specific locations.

• Extra loud bold fonts - Will be used to create the banners.

• Minimal Sans Serif fonts - Will be used in the creatives to exhibit the specialties of the rooms.

• Evolving script fonts - Will be used mostly in the menu of the restaurants owned by the hotels.

Dynamic layout instead of common grid layout

dynamic layout

In 2018 maximum of hoteliers have used grid view of their rooms. They have mainly used a snapshot of their rooms with images and texts.

In 2019 hoteliers, especially the big hotel chains will opt for different kinds of dynamic views.

There are different kinds of dynamic layout, they are as follows:-

• Compact Showcasing

• Minimalist showcasing

• Concise tagline showcasing

• Room showcasing with personality

• Multimedia based room showcasing

• Slide-out showcasing

• Static sidebars showcasing

Usage of more virtual tour

The application of the virtual tour in the hospitality and the aviation sectors is not new but it is inherent within the websites of some big chains of hotels but this process of the exhibition will be a common procedure of the room exhibition in the websites of the hotel industry in 2020 due to the availability of the video graphics technology of the virtual tour.

We believe we can give you the idea to make the website of your hotel more innovative, more attractive, more professional and more descriptive through our blogpost.

Please chat with us if you want to get an innovative website designed for your hotel business to stand out from the crowd.

Stay happy and prosperous and Happy New Year 2020 in advance.



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