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Webapps Solutions has brought you the affiliate marketing service to help you to design and develop the affiliated websites according to the Google SEO guidelines. This service is suitable for professional and amateur bloggers, who want to earn money by utilizing their content. Affiliate marketing is not a new concept but it is required to evolve the strategy to make an affiliated site acceptable to it’s target audience and it should be designed & developed according to the Google SEO guidelines to be most viewable according to the focused keywords.


Competition analysis :

This is the 1st step of affiliate marketing. This is required before choosing an affiliate niche. Though our maximum clients want us to design their affiliate sites after choosing the niche, we recommend to consult with us at the time of choosing a particular niche. We recommend to choose such a niche product, which is either not available in the market or competition is too low.

Domain name selection :

We recommend to choose a domain name identical to products to be marketed. Apart from that right domain name helps to create the brand recalling effect. It helps to generate more viewers in long run.

Original Content :

The problem of many affiliate marketing websites is Thin. We write fresh link descriptions of products and add more value to the content. So if you engage us with an affiliated account and if you mention the type of your website we will make your site completely ready.

Website community building :

The profitability of an affiliated marketing website requires a huge number of traffic. That 's why community building is an essential task to retain a fixed number of viewers. We build the community by engaging our SEO team through forum posting and social networking.

Shadow advertisement People don’t spend much time on advertising content. That is why we create relevant content to provoke the viewers to purchase the products through your affiliate links without using the call to action all the time.


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