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A logo is the face of a brand and takes a great initiative to create a brand identity and brand recalling effect. In Google autocomplete and suggestion it is also called Brand design. We design each logo according to the business policy of our clients and trend.


Number of prototypes :

Generally, we create 3 prototypes at the initial stage with 3 different design concepts by engaging 3 different logo designers . We also create more prototypes depending on the budget of our clients. After the selection of prototypes, we work on anyone prototype to design a complete logo after getting the feedback from our clients.

Color combination :

We choose colors combination of a logo after analyzing the target audience, ways of usage and brand identity of our client’s business or product/service. Generally, we provide two color outcomes of Logo so that our client can use two options of a single logo against light color and a deep color background.

Emblem Logo
Emblem Logo :

This type of Logo includes an icon with a letter and word art in a compact mode. This is the oldest form of logo design but still in trend. We use this concept in the case of the brands, which project strength and trust. We also recommend this design concept if any client wants to hold the same logo for a long period.

Word Art Logo :

In this Logo design concept, the brand name with a tagline is the focus point. We recommend this design concept in case of a new brand name and when clients want to focus on the brand name only.

Letter Art Logo

The LetterArt logo is designed with the initial letters of a brand name. The initial letters are presented in an artistic manner. We recommend this logo design concept if any client has planning to publicize his / her brand on a large scale because it takes a longer period of time to create a brand recalling effect.

Icon Logo

Icon logo is just a simple image without any textual brand name and tagline. If any client has a big budget in logo designing then we recommend this option only because Icon logo designing involves huge brainstorming to produce a meaningful outcome.

Combination Logo

This is the combination of an icon and WordArt with a tagline. This is the most common design concept of the logo designing and it is also popular among MSME. We recommend this logo most of our clients, especially in case of the low budget because it is easy to show the brand identity and easier to design due to the textual interpretation of the brand name.


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