eCommerce website design trends 2020

eCommerce design trends

Hello everybody, we believe that you are doing well. As we are on the verge of the brand new year 2020 we are discussing the new web design trends 2020 on different kinds of website design.

Today we are going to discuss eCommerce website design trends 2020.

Mobile in mind only

In 2020, almost all eCommerce websites will be designed for mobile-only. Of course, the websites will have good visibility through desktop too but they will be designed mainly for mobile visitors.

The number of mobile internet users will touch around 281 million by 2023 and the number of online buyers will touch around 230 million by this period.

Dashboard in the front

Till today, the maximum of eCommerce websites show offers and exclusive deals at first and the user account section in the menu.

In 2020 Login and sign up will be placed in a more prominent way with the large font or button. The personalized special offers will be shown within the customer's dashboard. The significance of a well-detailed dashboard will rise in 2020.

In the case of 1st-time visitors or existing visitors before logged in, generalized offers will be shown at the home page and a large login or signup section will be placed at the top section of all pages.

Live chat consultation

Till 2019 even big eCommerce players like, Alibaba have not encashed the opportunity of insisting and guide their customers to buy their products.

In cases of some certain products like clothing, footwear, spectacles e.t.c buyers often confused with suitable products for them. Many customers often go away to other websites or opt for offline purchases at last.

Though some eCommerce websites have introduced the live chat system to solve payment and order related issues but no chat assistance before the purchase.

In 2020 many eCommerce web admins will introduce the live chat system to assist their customers to choose the most suitable products for them.

3D Trial

Few eCommerce websites are using this technology to provide a virtual trial experience of various products.

Though this technology is costly but still many eCommerce websites will use this3D trial technology to get an advantage in the highly competitive market.

Friends, we believe that you get the idea about the eCommerce website design trends 2020. If you have any more idea then please contact us.

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